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about Deslauriers Christian & Associates

At Deslauriers Christian & Associates, we are prepared to mount a strong challenge to the prosecution’s evidence and we are ready to defend you against any regulatory or quasi-criminal charges that have been laid against you. We bring a great deal of experience and knowledge to your case, whether it be a traffic violation, a disciplinary infraction, or a quasi-criminal prosecution. We have a proven track record of assisting clients facing a variety of provincial regulatory offenses in both Québec and Ontario, and the experience required to defend your interests to the full extent of the law.

What makes us different

At Deslauriers Christian & Associates, we work across Ontario and Québec handling matters in both French and English in courts of first instance and appeal. Our range of experience spans domestic and international criminal law, Aboriginal law, and the law of extradition.

Our history

Deslauriers : Christian Deslauriers was called to the Québec bar in 2001, [and was admitted to the Ontario since 2004} and has over 17 years’ experience handling a range of complex criminal matters. He also specializes in Aboriginal rights claims, international criminal defence, as well as extradition proceedings.

We put the law on your side