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Occasionally an accused is convicted or improperly sentenced due to errors committed by a Judge, Crown counsel or even his/her Defence lawyer. If you believe this may have happened to you, you may apply to an appeals Court to have your conviction overturned or sentence varied. At Deslauriers Christian, we have been successful in having convictions overturned and in having sentences varied for a number of clients wishing to appeal, at the Ontario and Qubec Court of Appeal as well as at the Supreme Court of Canada. Not all defence counsels do appeals as it is a very complex process. Conducting an appeal requires both written and oral argument and may even require an application for bail pending the outcome of your appeal. Since you have only 30 days from the date you were convicted/sentenced to file a notice of appeal, it is crucial to consult with our office immediately in order to begin the process. Please note it may be possible to appeal even beyond the 30 days delay.

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