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Charges associated with crimes of violence are serious and the penalties can be severe. Assault is broadly defined by the Criminal Code of Canada. Assault involves the intentional application of force, touching, or other forms of harmful or unwanted contact. But contrary to belief, you do not have to “hurt someone” to be facing serious assault charges. Assault can also involve threatening, or even just posturing through actions or gestures, to apply force to another person without their consent. Holding a weapon – even just an imitation – in order to hinder a person is also considered assault.

The consequences of simply pleading guilty to a crime of violence, no matter how minor it may seem, may be very severe for you and your loved ones. Your work and educational prospects may slip through your fingers, and a criminal record for a crime of violence will follow you throughout your life. If a person is convicted of an assault tried as an indictable offense, the punishment is imprisonment for as many as five years. If the accused used a weapon (or imitation weapon) or caused bodily harm, they may be guilty of an indictable offense and sent to prison for as many as ten years. An aggravated assault, where a victim is wounded, maimed, disfigured, or has their life endangered, is an indictable offense and if found guilty, the accused is liable for a term of imprisonment for as many as fourteen years.

There are a number of valid defences to an assault charge, and much depends on the commitment and expertise of your criminal defence lawyer and the strategy they use in defending you. If you are convicted, we will fight to help you avoid imprisonment by seeking alternatives to carry out the sentence such as fines, suspended sentence, diversion, or discharge. If you are facing a criminal charge for a crime of violence, contact Deslauriers Christian to learn how we can help you.

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