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Breach of Probation, Breach of Bail, (Recognizance / Undertaking) Obstruction of Police, Perjury

Offences against the justice system include the Criminal Code violations of failure to comply with conditions, escape or help escape from custody, prisoner unlawfully at large, failure to appear, breach of probation, and other offences against the administration of justice (for example, impersonating a peace officer). Failure to “comply with conditions” includes infractions such as violation of no-contact orders and failure to attend court-mandated programs (for example, addictions counselling or victim impact education programs) and is the most commonly reported offence against the administration of justice.

Roughly one in ten criminal charges laid in Canada falls into this category, and offences against the administration of justice are sometimes seen as the ‘revolving door’ of the justice system, since by definition most of these types of crimes are committed when an individual disobeys a pre-trial condition or sentence imposed for a previous criminal offence. Compared to other types of crime, offences against the administration of justice more often result in charges being laid against an accused. More serious offences against the administration of justice could include charges for obstruction and/or perjury.

At Deslauriers Christian, we have the knowledge and experience to deal with issues such as search warrants and asset seizures. We will also scrutinize the conduct of the authorities to ensure that your rights are respected and seek the strongest remedies possible if they are not. If you are facing charges for an offence against the administration of justice and want to stop spinning through the ‘revolving door,’ call our office today to discuss your options.

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